Silk Painting Workshops

School Visits

There are three options for School Workshops. You can have a combination of
options on each day with a maximum of three sessions, except Option 3 *see note.


Suitable: K- Year 7

Double Class Size: (approximately 60 children)

Duration: 1 hour session. Maximum of 3 x 1 hour sessions per day.


I do a series of 5 – 10 minute activities around each book, including;
drama, reciting, quick question/answer re: environment, and story reading. I
bring ½ dozen original silk paintings/illustrations with me.

I also demonstrate how silk painting is done by painting one fish per group
of students. The school has the option to buy this original 70 x 90 cm silk
for cost price; $150 + GST.

Each child receives a bookmark at the end of the session.

Cost: $500 + GST. Travel costs may apply.


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Suitable: Years 5-7

One Class Size: (approximately 30 children)

Children are divided into three groups of 10. I provide a creative writing/illustration
activity with the two groups that are not directly painting on the silk. Each
group rotates each ½ hour.

Duration: 1½ hour session

Content: The children work on one piece of silk approx 1.5m x 1m, which the
school keeps. As outlined above, each group of 30 is divided into 3 groups and
teachers work with the other two groups with a creative writing activity, while
one group works with me on the silk.


– $500 + GST

– Plus $150 for materials (silk, dyes and gutta)

– Travel costs may apply


Suitable: Years 5, 6 & 7 only

Class Size: Maximum 12 students

Duration: 2½ hours* if this session is chosen I can only do one of these
sessions plus one x Option 1.

Content: Each student produces their own individual painting, (approximately
45cm squared) which they get to keep


– $500 + GST

– Plus $150 for materials (silk, dyes and gutta)

– Travel costs may apply

For queries and availability

Contact Kim Toft on 6681 3993 after 10.30am

Books for Sale

If you would like to order any of my books and get them personally signed see


Time: 12 noon – 4pm

Duration: 3 ½ – 4 hours


To be advised


Once a month – July’s  workshop Saturday 11 July


Maximum 6 people


$120 all materials provided


During the afternoon you work on your own silk painting (approx 45cm square)

By the end of the 4 hours you have a finished silk painting, which you keep.

To enquire or make a booking call:

Sea Silks Gallery 02 6681 3993 after 10.30 daily except Tuesday and Sunday

Or email –

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