About My Original Handpainted Silks

Clownfish Kim Toft Dolphins

Welcome to the world of silk and the animated marine images I paint. I love painting on silk as it is the perfect medium to capture the immense beauty of underwater Australia.
Even after 20 years of full time silk painting it still proves to be a constant challenge.

The unforgiving nature of silk keeps me fascinated and wanting to go further with the medium. Combined with the exotic colours and the ability to work on large scale paintings it has become the medium of choice for my childrens’ book illustrations, which I started writing and illustrating over 12 years ago.

White silk is stretched horizontally, and the gold "gutta" line is drawn onto the slik first. As I brush on the silk dyes, the gutta edge prevents colours mixing with each other. The background is painted last with the motled water effect created by placing rock salt onto the wet dye. After the dye reacts to the salt and has dried, the salt is removed. The silk is then steamed to fix the colours permanently.

Hopefully my paintings and books capture the essence and uniqueness of the animals that live in our magnificent coastal regions.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the original silk paintings/illustrations that you see here on the website, please
contact Kim Michelle Toft.

*Please note that price does not include framing or freight.

Original Silks from my Books

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