The best interior designers Melbourne has to offer can work on a variety of projects. One such Melbourne interior design company is Alexander Pollock. The award-winning firm has an established network of industry professionals. Here are some tips to help you choose an interior designer:

While hiring an interior designer is no doubt a big financial investment, it can be a lifesaver. A Melbourne interior design firm can help you choose the right furniture to complement your decor and your budget. Most interior designers will have a wealth of experience in furniture selection and curation, so you’ll be assured of the perfect fit for your home. Whether you’re looking for a classic, contemporary, or industrial style, you’ll find a design firm that has the expertise to help you make your dream home a reality.

Interior Designers Melbourne

One Melbourne interior design firm that can provide a bespoke service for your property is Alexander Pollock. The name comes from the Italian translation of Aesthete, which is a word that describes the aesthetic appeal of a space. This Melbourne interior design firm combines architecture and interior design to create spaces that celebrate aesthetic appeal. The duo’s creative approach means they work closely with their clients on a holistic level, ensuring that their personality shines through.

The Melbourne-based firm has a wide range of residential and commercial projects, and the team of highly skilled interior designers works across retail, hospitality, and hospitality. Alexander Pollock’s work is widely recognized for its emotional connection to materiality and colour. Her signature interiors combine striking aesthetics with a practical approach, bringing a cohesive aesthetic to the space.

Alexander Pollock enjoys the challenges and pleasure of tackling interior projects. Their unique approach incorporates furniture, lighting, textiles, and unusual fixtures. It’s easy to see why their clients trust them with their homes. In addition to interior design, they also offer a range of services, including interior architecture.

Using the services of an interior designer can save you money. Designers have close connections with manufacturers, builders, and other professionals, reducing the cost of the project and keeping the client’s budget in check. In addition, they have a wide knowledge of different styles, so you can rest assured that they will be able to design a unique space for your lifestyle. Whether you want a modern, contemporary, or Bohemian-style home, there is an interior designer Melbourne has to offer.

interior designer Albert park prices are very competitive compared to other cities. typical project will require up to six to nine months, including the time required for council approval. For a similar-sized project, such as refurbishing a three-bedroom Albert park home, an interior designer can expect to charge around $300 per hour. And this is before the costs of materials, paint, and furniture.