In case you are looking for interior designers in Melbourne, you should consider a firm that specialises in the design. This Melbourne-based firm combines architecture with interior design to create spaces that celebrate aesthetic appeal. Founded in 2015, this firm’s philosophy is to celebrate the beauty of things, from objects to spaces. They have a strong understanding of beauty and the philosophy behind their work is reflected in their exemplary portfolios.

The team at Alexander Pollock is inspired by combining layered experiences. They combine imagination and creativity to create projects that are both functional and beautiful. Their aim is to create spaces that are endearing and inviting, and to achieve this, they collaborate with architects and builders. The studio aims to create spaces that are not only visually appealing but also functional and sustainable. You can rest assured that your interiors will be stunning and functional if you choose the right company to work with.

Interior Designer Melbourne

Alexander Pollock firm that focuses on residential and commercial projects. The design studio’s work is distinguished by its attention to detail and a refined material palette. Textural narratives and the uniqueness of each client’s style are the hallmarks of its work. A kitchen island made of hand-made tiles is a striking highlight.

While some firms offer free consultations, others charge an hourly rate. These interior designers in Melbourne will charge around $80 to $300 per hour, but they can charge less if they’re new graduates or have less experience. However, there are no shortcuts to a perfect home, and you should take the time to research and choose the best interior designer Melbourne has to offer. You’ll be glad you did. Just remember to keep the budget in mind.

When it comes to costs, remember that the fee for an interior designer will only make up a small portion of your overall budget. interior designer Mornington prices are very competitive compared to other cities. Prices can range from $80 per hour to $300 per hour depending on their experience and skill level. A typical project will require up to six to nine months, including the time required for council approval. For a similar-sized project, such as refurbishing a three-bedroom Mornington home, an interior designer can expect to charge around $300 per hour. And this is before the costs of materials, paint, and furniture.