School Visits/Orders

There are three options for School Workshops.
You can have a combination of options on each day with a maximum of three sessions, except Option 3 *see note.

Option 1

DOUBLE CLASS SIZE: (approximately 60 children)
DURATION: 1 hour session. Maximum of 3 x 1 hour sessions per day.

CONTENT: I do a series of 5–10 minute activities around each book, including; drama, reciting, quick question and answer re environment and story reading. I bring ½ dozen original silk paintings/ illustrations with me.
I also demonstrate how silk painting is done by painting one fish per group of students. The school has the option to buy this original 70 x 90 cm silk for cost price; $195.
Each child receives a bookmark at the end of the session.
COST: $660. Travel costs may apply.

Option 2

SUITABLE: Years 5, 6 & 7 only
CLASS SIZE: Maximum 20 students
DURATION: 2½ hours* If this session is chosen I can only do one of these sessions plus one Option 1.
CONTENT: Each student produces their own individual painting, (approximately 45cm squared) which they get to keep.
COST: - $660. Plus $12 per head for materials (silk, dyes and gutta). Travel costs may apply.

Student at Work Lauren Lily

For queries and availability:
Contact Kim Toft 0431 429 092 after 10.30am or email



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TEACHER'S NOTES for: Tick Tock Tick Tock: What's Up Croc? (PDF)

TEACHERS'S NOTES for: Recipe for Perfect Planet Pie (PDF)

TEACHERS'S NOTES for: I Can Swim A Rainbow (PDF)

TEACHER'S NOTES FOR: Coral Sea Dreaming (PDF)




  • Feb 25th and 26th - Tingalpa State School

August - Book Week

  • August 19th - John Paul College
  • August 20th - Sunnybank State School
  • August 21st - Seven Hills State School
  • August 29th - Ashgrove State School


  • September 2nd and 3rd - Wooli Public Schoiol
  • September 11th - St Ita's School

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